twitch Rivals: Streamer bowl II

Twitch, in collaboration with Creative Technology, hired our team for one of their largest events of the year: Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl II.  This event hosts 50 of the top Fortnite pro gamers as they face off with NFL players during the week of the SuperBowl. Our responsibilities began with importing Silent Partner Studio’s Unreal Scenes. We then optimized and converted them for use in Pixotope. From there, we worked with the production team from Epic to build custom real-time in-world animation sequences including player elimination, stage transformation, and fireworks.

After Pre-Production, ERG’s team members were onsite to implement the camera-tracking system, and Pixotope servers. Our team worked with the production team and directors to operate all aspects of the virtual environment for the live stream, including managing 100 individual live streams from the players that were displayed in real-time in the virtual world. 


  • Virtual Production Content Programming
  • Virtual Production Onsite Consulting
  • Pixotope Optimization
  • Pixotope Operation
  • Mo-Sys Camera Tracking install and calibration
  • Asset Management
  • ICVFX 


  • Mosys Tech/ Technical Director: Josh Spodick
  • Producer: Zack Kingdon
  • Supervising Pixotope Tech Artist: Keith Anderson
  • Sr. Pixotope Tech Artist:  Patrick Beery